Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty in pink

 Veredict on eyeshadow: In my opinion, the shade I picked out (84) is too light, but number 85 was way too dark, so my criticism would be that Chanel should make sure they have a wider range of tones in their colour pallet. I still really like the effect it gives, specially when mixed with other tones of eye shadow in order to create a very long-lasting smoky eye. I have to say, everytime I go out, as I start dancing and zipping drinks my make-up tends to fall off pretty easily, but this time I did not have this problem. So YES, chanel Ilusion d'ombre by Chanel is definitely a good investment that people should consider.
This is what I wore on my last night out before moving to university. I am not crazy about this look, there's something I don't like about it and still can't decide what it is...I don't know if it's the make up or the outfit or the hair...However I'm still uploading this photo to show how without spending too much money one can create a classy look.
Earrings-Mom's closet (I believe they're from Primark too)
Jeans-Primark (...I know I do own a lot of stuff from Primark, but that's because I tend to always look out for good, combinable products-I must admit sometimes it's really hard to find decent items there, but if you really keep your eyes open, you're very lickely to find even a small, cute accessorie)
Shoes-Forever 21
One thing about buying in Primark is that as I mentioned before, it's hard to find decent products..but also everyone has the same things. My trick was wearing Primark clothes/accessories where I used to live, where Primark didn't exist...that way I was always sure that I'd never see anyone walking around wearing my same outfit. Also, the important thing is to mix and match products that are maybe not part of the latest trends, and some that are very current. That way you'll make sure you have your own style and you won't look like you're wearing a uniform.

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