Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday night fever

Last night, it was probably my last night in I was very excited to go out but also nostalgic. It feels weird that after two years of going to the same places and seeing the same faces, it's going to all change very very soon.
Yesterday was probably the last hot night we are gonna have this summer in Belgium, so I thought that it might have been the last night where I could actually wear this white Zara dress. I like how it's very simple but makes my curves stand out without it being too tight. It's a very confortable dress, apart from the fact that dancing too much (like I did last night) with a one-shoulder cut can be a bad idea...I had to be pulling up the strapless side the whole night. I teamed up this dress with some pearly earrings, a bow cream/pink belt and my new matching cream high heels (which are unbelievably confy and I'm in love with). It felt nice to wear pastel colours for a change-which looked even better after having sunbathed all afternoon.
I curled my hair and left it down and in terms of make up-I immitated a Bronzy Smoky Eye make up (perfect for summer) from a youtube video:

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