Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fashion Stylist for a day..

Today was one of those days where I was so bored at home and had no energy to do anything (I'd been cooking all morning), so I decided to go to the shopping centre to just clear my mind. While there I decided it'd be fun to play "fashion stylist" for a few I went there and picked out some outfits, tried them on and took some photos.
First stop:Zara
This first outfit is composed of items that I've wanted for a long time now- a pair of red high heels (which I'm in love with), a black lace top and a leather jacket.
It looks laid back, but sexy at the same time. I love how red contrasts with black. I think red high heels can turn any normal woman into a 'femme fatale', and I think the leather jacket has a similar effect. These can both be worn with dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and so on...
I would say they're "must haves" of this autumn.

Second stop: H&M
This second photo was taken in H&M. I'm wearing a long blue blazer and boyfriend v-neck white t-shirt. I like how these items look combined. This look is very effortless and casual..but it could be 'dressed up' by teaming up the blazer with a white or gray dress. I really like the detail of its sleeves (shown in the far right photo) but I don't think I'd buy it. I love the bold colour...but it doesn't quite fit me or look very appealing on me. Maybe it'd look better on a taller person-since this long line blazer emphasizes the fact that I'm only 1.63 cm tall...and that's not something I'm particularly proud of...

In the following photo, I'm wearing some lose brown trousers and a boyfriend t-shirt. There are things I like and dislike about this style- the fact that both the t-shirt and the trousers are lose takes away all the femininity from me-my curves are not accentuated whatsoever, so I feel manly and unattractive. However, there's something about this look that I like and that's the grown up sense it gives me. I feel like I'd be able to wear something like this to university or a job. I like the range of colours.
Perhaps if I accesorized the trousers with a pair of high heels or wedges and a vintage long necklace;and swapped the boyfriend t-shirt for a tight tank top it'd look so much better.

I really like the style of the last photo (don't mind the size of the blazer-size 44 was the only one left). I love how every piece of garment matches. I would probably say the range of colours reminds me of the Grand Canyon. I find the undefined print of the dress very interesting. I balanced it out with a plain dark red blazer and a pair of black ankle boots. Perhaps this outfit would look better with brown boots-and of course a tighter blazer. It could also be worn with a lose beige, cream or black cardigan or a black blazer, and black tights during winter. Perhaps for the accessories it'd be a would idea to consider some fringed necklace or (subtle) feather earrings.