Friday, September 2, 2011

Shopping is my new way of procrastinating..

If I stay home I have to work, I have to pack. Packing is frustrating..I have so many things that I need to take to uni with me, it's so hard to make them fit into my suitcases...and if I keep buying stuff, that probably won't help either. This outfit was pretty much a bargain..Primark jeans, Forever 21 patent cream shoes (NEW!), New Look shirt that I found for 5 euros..I'm pretty proud of myself!
This look is perfect for grabbing some lunch with friends, shopping (not for too long-otherwise the heels might kill you) or even for the evening. The outfit says "I'm refusing to say goodbye to summer, but also being realistic-it's not that warm anymore".
 I don't think one needs to buy clothes from the most expensive brands in order to look good-of course buying a good pair of designer boots or a classic designer handbag is justifiable..they're items that can be worn every season (they never go out of fashion) and can be combined with pretty much every outfit.However, I think there are plenty of, perhaps not so famous shops out there where nice items might be hidding and are sold are at very affordable prices. That way you can make the most out of your money, and actually look different from other people. I think it's so sad when you see everyone wearing the SAME clothes. I know my style might be casual and perhaps very plain...but I like the fact that it's unique.

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