Friday, December 30, 2011

Consuegra, Spain

Today we went with the family to Consuegra in Spain. A lovely small village in which the "Don Quijote" was based. Since it was so cold/windy (thankfully it was sunny...God, I wish the weather in England was the same as in Spain) I opted for comfort and coziness. I admit this look is not the most fashionable thing I've ever worn but it was definitely suitable for the occasion. I love this thick sweater from Pull and Bear that I got as a present for Christmas.
Since I mentioned Pull and Bear, I went there yesterday and loved everything in there! Even though the shop wasn't massive, I didn't know where to start looking. From plain leather dresses to embellished sweaters; polka dot dresses, ballerina skirts and a wide variety of items with sequins that promise people to make them stand out in the crowd, there's a style or piece for everyone. I've never been crazy about this brand, but I think this season, at least in Spain, they have very good stuff and at affordable prices. Something worth taking a look at).

Animal Print Scarf- C&A
Skinny Jeans
Black Converse All Stars
Black winter coat

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve
H&M Red Dress, H&M Black Blazer,  Barrats Suede peep shoes, Black clutch and Red Ring from Argentina
Smokey eyes, Red lips and curled hair braided to the side.

Decided to have some fun and add some Christmas details to my nails with Red and Green strass 
 Christmas day 
Primark black blouse,  H&M Wet look dark jeans, H&M high heel boots, Primark Ring and Black belt (a present from Santa (: )

Very simple, quite natural make-up and curled up hair. A quiet laid back look for sunday lunch with the family.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! :) xx

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas' just around the corner

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Hello everyone!
Not gonna lie, I'm getting pretty looking forward to Christmas..
I know I used to get so much more excited when I was younger, but after talking about it with a friend last night and looking at some blogs, I decided that I cannot wait. I mean-anything that gives me an excuse to eat, drink and dress up is welcome!
Since I'm away and I can't really try on the outfit I'm going to wear and take photos I made a little collage-mainly to brainstorm how I'm gonna try to look the night of the 24th.
That's right..we start celebrating on the night of the 24th: we have dinner and then when it's 12 we make a toast, watch the fireworks while sipping champagne (hmm can't wait- that's one thing that I really miss now that I'm a student: enjoying a good glass of bubbly champagne) and then open the presents!
I really don't know what I'm going to get this year, I'm really hoping for some new foundation and some new items for my wardrobe...but to be honest, this year I'm really not fussed.
The look I'm going for on Christmas eve is black and (of course) red.
Going to wear a draped strapless cocktail dress (H&M), swede peep toe heels (Barratts), a black tuxedo jacket (H&M) and I'm hoping my mum will let me borrow this gorgeous red ring she has. And of course, some pink underwear (it's tradition in Argentina, but I don't really know why). In terms of make-up, I'll go for the classic smokey eye in dark shades (oh, I can never get bored of silver and black eye shadows) and red lips. Finally, in terms of hair I'm thinking of wearing my hair extensions and curl my hair and braid it to the side. Pretty laid back but still fancy.

Do you all know what you're going to wear for Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all of you, may all your wishes come true :)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

90s photoshoot

A few weeks before Christmas break at university, we were introduced to a new unit: Fashion Imaging and Styling. I don't exaggerate when I say that only the name of it and the presentation they gave us on that day got me really excited and tachycardic. I couldn't help but picturing myself being a famous fashion stylist and seeing my name in the world's most famous fashion magazines. But then it struck me, that I still had another big project to hand in in about 2 weeks (which I will soon post photos of), so immediately I went back to focusing on my t-shirt design, my magazine cover, perfume packaging, swing tag...blah blah blahhh..
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the first project we got given, but at this point I felt like there was WAY too much going through my head, so as my tutors talked and I convinced myself that I had to calm myself down and focus on the "word project", I heard a man's voice (that'd be Karl's-my tutor) saying that a couple of days after our hand-in date, and two days before the end of term we had a ONE DAY PROJECT. That's right...we only had one day to organise ourselves in our groups, decide who the model and the photographer was going to be, style ourselves (make-up, hair, outfit), take the photos, edit them and then print out a final one....
Let me calm down and explain in more detail:
The project called "One era in one day with one dress" consisted of working in pairs with someone we didn't really hang out with from our course and finding a dress that was relevant to an era that was assigned to us by our tutors. We'd have to work together to achieve a final photo that communicated a vintage mood via the outfit, hair, make-up and pose of the model and also the lighting and location of the photograph.
My partner and I were assigned the 1990s-a very diverse and bold era which sounded like it'd be easy to work with. UNTIL we went out to Brighton to find a dress.......I could not believe there was nothing that looked good AND was obviously "nineties".
After doing some research and thinking about it, all that came to my mind was Spice Girls, ridiculous poses, horrible colour combinations and basically anything that seemed "anti-fashion".
I can't lie, working with the 1990s was not the most glamorous thing, but it was definitely FUN.
Here are some photos that we took:

Yes, I know I look like a freak in the photos..but come on, don't tell me this doesn't make you all think of the last decade.
This one day project was definitely a great warm-up for the rest of the unit...and definitely great practice in order to make us be prepared for working in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saki Miu

Our first broadcasting project consisted in a documentary based on a small, independent fashion boutique in Brighton, called “Saki Miu”, which we found after a “shop haunt” we did early on in the project.

Saki Miu is a new small shop located in The Laines, which targets a rather young female audience. Their willingness and positive attitude made us feel confortable and made it a pleasure to work with them.

I believe we succeeded in making an interesting short film with some brief background information and rich imagery, which divulge a good image of the company and hopefully attract new customers. I think we managed to work well as a team, complimenting each other, maintaining good communication (verbal and written through our Facebook group), but failing to allocate tasks fairly.

We obtained good shots and edited the video very efficiently, though time management was an issue: the documentary could have been improved with better planning and organization. I personally really like how the music works with the film. Yet, one of our main weaknesses was definitely the Vox Pops: we didn’t film enough, the answers obtained weren’t what we expected and there was too much background noise.

I believe that we all acquired new skills, and if we had to do another film, we’d definitely know what works and what doesn’t...

 ..And here's the final outcome.

This video has been produced, filmed and edited by me, Beth Dodwell, Hannah Byrne and Chloe Halls.
Music: Evening Park Council
Many thanks to everyone at Saki Miu who were extremely helpful and Dan, Einar, Will and Daniel, who let us use their music for our video. If you like their songs, you can listen to them on
And if you like what you saw about Saki Miu, you can check their website out...

Broadcasting project for uni...

It's been AGES since I last posted on this many things have been going on. But luckily I'm now on holidays for about a month.
These are some photos taken at Saki Miu, a small boutique in Brighton for my broadcasting project at university.
Basically, for our Camera skills and editing class we were required had to make a 3-4 minute video on anything that had to do with fashion. Our initial idea was to make a magazine style documentary based on a boutique based in Brighton. We decided we'd focus on a small, not very well known business since we figured they'd be more willing to collaborate with us-it'd be a win-win situation.
After going into the vibrant, edgy city for a day to look around, we decided that we really liked Saki Miu's style and in-store atmosphere. Saki Miu is a shop that opened in April 2011 and seemed to be very original and popular in The Laines. We decided we'd use low key bands/musician friends for the film's music since we wanted to follow a "low key" and original theme.
The interviewees- the manager of the shop and the owner were very willing and laid back, which really helped us feel comfortable. After all, it was all new to us: using the camera, interviewing people, editing the video...