Friday, July 15, 2011



The look I'm wearing in this photo is very "me". Simple but still "edgy" (to some extent) at the same time. Today I went out from the morning until the evening and since it was a dark, rainy, chill day I picked this outfit because it can suit different occasions. The key items of this look are the accessories-because without them the monochromatic clothes would look very plain and ordinary.

In this photo I'm wearing my favourite scarf (I have to admit I'm obsessed with animal prints, specially leopard) which matches the River Island bag, which was a Christmas present a few years ago. Wearing it has always been a my opinion the size makes it a day bag (I hate carrying bags with me when I go out at night, so the smaller it is, the better), but the design makes it more a night handbag...Today I decided to "break the ice" between the bag and I, so I incorporated it to my look. I think it balances out the plainness and monochromatism of the outfit.

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