Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swedish style

So here I am, back from Sweden...
I must say the idea of going out and taking photos of random people has been pretty awkward..but interesting and fun! It scared me a bit when I realized that whenever we went shopping, I was no longer looking at the windows or clothes that were on display in the shops, but instead I was "staring" at people, trying to find someone who I could take a photo of. I think I realized how weird it was to just walk up to people and say "Hey, do you speak English? Umm, I like your outfit/style, could I take a photo of you for my fashion blog?" when a sales assistant in Zara told me that she didn't feel confortable with the idea of having a photo taken. My first reaction was to think "I just told you that I liked your style..and I wanted your photo for a UNIVERSITY PROJECT, what's wrong with that?!", but then I thought that I'd probably feel a bit unconfortable if someone that I don't know and doesn't even speak my same language was following me around the Swedish streets just because they wanted to take a photo of me. Anyway, I do think every photo I took helped me become more and more confident and confortable around unknown people, which I think will be very helpful for the future, in terms of my career but also my personality-since it's gonna help me become even more open. I had the chance to meet very nice people who seemed to be very interested in what I was going to study and what this fashion blog was all about...
I managed to observe and come to the conclusion that in general (and I know I'm making a huge generalization here) Swedish girls' style consist of the folllowing:
1) Straight hair, sometimes messy/back brushed to give it volume.
2) Not much make up (they're way more natural than I thought they would be)
3) Plain clothes and limited colours-mainly nude,white or black.
4) Oversized clothes (particularly tops)
5) Skinny jeans or jean shorts
6) Leather or jean jackets.
7) (and last but not least..) CONVERSES! (everyone-or at least most people wear them)

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