Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swedish style

Here I have some of the photos I managed to take during my visit in Sweden. I take the opportunity to thank all these people that cooperated with me :)
Philippa, spotted at Three Hearts Bar, Halmstad wearing an Acne dress.
1.Spotted at The Corner Bar, Halmstad. 2&3.Spotted in Stockholm
1.Spotted in Stockholm 2&3 Spotted in Gothenburg

The first photo shows a dress from one of the most famous fashion brands in Sweden called Acne ( Philippa explained that this dress can be worn in many different ways. She matched the dress with black classic accessories (watch and clutch) and brown wedges. I like her style because it's plain but classy. I would say that the term "Less is more" perfectly describes her style.
Collage #1
1. I took this photo at a Bar/club on a Saturday night. I would describe her style as very laid back but very personal. This girl is wearing a leather jacket that matches her plain top and boots, and contrast with her baggy caqui pants. If I had to change something in this photo, I would make her wear skinny trousers and get rid of all the bracelets. Instead I would make her wear a stylish but simple long necklace.
2. This photo shows a woman who was walking around the streets of Stockholm, and I spotted her due to her oh-so-very-colorful jacket. I like how she was wearing very plain clothes, but managed to give her outfit an edgy and summery twist with the flower patterned blazer. I also like her oversized pattent handbag which is stylish and perfect for carrying anything you can think of.
3. Very plain outfit-black jacket, top and skinny jeans with white converses (we all know that you can never go wrong with black-it makes us look skinnier and taller, AND it matches with everything). I think the fringe jacket is what makes the outfit a bit more interesting. However I think it'd be perfect if the girl had a contrasting small hand bag or belt in order to not make people think that she just came out of the movie "Men in Black".
Collage #2
1. I really like this style, it's girly, summery and sophisticated at the same time. It could be perfect for shopping, a day party or a date. I like how it's so balanced-she's not revealing cleavage, but she's showing off her long legs and emphasizing that with a pair of wedges (which I then found out were only 10 euros!).
2. I love this dress, the drape of the skirt and how the waist-belt emphasized the girl's figure. She managed to complete the look with a crossed tan bag and sunglasses. Finally, she's (also) wearing converses which make the look seem more informal and laid back, and make it perfect for a day out in the beautiful city of Gothenburg. However, I would probably opt for a pair of flat sandals or black flats.
3. Finally, I like this girl's style even though it's very particular-I don't know, it's definetely something that caught my eye in the high street. I think that since she's so tall and thin she can pull off this dress very well. I also believe that the waist bow is essential to make the dress look more feminine and emphasize her figure. I would probably drop the cardigan though. I think that a pair of flat delicate sandals would complete this look.

There are things I like and dislike from each outfit, but I admire how everyone has they're own style and their personalities show through their clothes, hair style or accessories.

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