Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saturday night dinner..

I'm going through a stage when I don't like anything I try on. Nothing seems to fit the weather, the temperature, the occasion or simply my body. I had to go "clothes hunting" to my mother's closet. I knew I didn't want to wear a skirt or a dress because I was only going for dinner with a bunch of friends, and it was just so cold! After trying on a few things I decided to pick out this ruffled white shirt (and as I read in the newspaper on my way back from England-shirts are very "in" this season) and combine it with black pants, shoes and a blazer.

I think I can say that blazers are my favourite pieces of clothing-you can never go wrong with them. They can make any outfits/clothes look better or classier.
I teamed up these items with a bracelet that matched, and a small clutch. I would of liked wearing a red clutch/hand bag, to match the red lipstick, but I do not own one. (Note to self-buy red accessories).

The hair had definitely have to be straight to balance out the volume of the ruffles, but ended up putting it up, which I believe made the look seem classier.
This outfit is slightly more conservative (:$) than I'm used to, but I am pleased with it overall. I believe it definitely fit the occasion. Although it could totally be a thing I would wear to go to the office...

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