Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saki Miu

Our first broadcasting project consisted in a documentary based on a small, independent fashion boutique in Brighton, called “Saki Miu”, which we found after a “shop haunt” we did early on in the project.

Saki Miu is a new small shop located in The Laines, which targets a rather young female audience. Their willingness and positive attitude made us feel confortable and made it a pleasure to work with them.

I believe we succeeded in making an interesting short film with some brief background information and rich imagery, which divulge a good image of the company and hopefully attract new customers. I think we managed to work well as a team, complimenting each other, maintaining good communication (verbal and written through our Facebook group), but failing to allocate tasks fairly.

We obtained good shots and edited the video very efficiently, though time management was an issue: the documentary could have been improved with better planning and organization. I personally really like how the music works with the film. Yet, one of our main weaknesses was definitely the Vox Pops: we didn’t film enough, the answers obtained weren’t what we expected and there was too much background noise.

I believe that we all acquired new skills, and if we had to do another film, we’d definitely know what works and what doesn’t...

 ..And here's the final outcome.

This video has been produced, filmed and edited by me, Beth Dodwell, Hannah Byrne and Chloe Halls.
Music: Evening Park Council
Many thanks to everyone at Saki Miu who were extremely helpful and Dan, Einar, Will and Daniel, who let us use their music for our video. If you like their songs, you can listen to them on http://www.myspace.com/eveningparkcouncil
And if you like what you saw about Saki Miu, you can check their website out...

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