Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Broadcasting project for uni...

It's been AGES since I last posted on this blog..so many things have been going on. But luckily I'm now on holidays for about a month.
These are some photos taken at Saki Miu, a small boutique in Brighton for my broadcasting project at university.
Basically, for our Camera skills and editing class we were required had to make a 3-4 minute video on anything that had to do with fashion. Our initial idea was to make a magazine style documentary based on a boutique based in Brighton. We decided we'd focus on a small, not very well known business since we figured they'd be more willing to collaborate with us-it'd be a win-win situation.
After going into the vibrant, edgy city for a day to look around, we decided that we really liked Saki Miu's style and in-store atmosphere. Saki Miu is a shop that opened in April 2011 and seemed to be very original and popular in The Laines. We decided we'd use low key bands/musician friends for the film's music since we wanted to follow a "low key" and original theme.
The interviewees- the manager of the shop and the owner were very willing and laid back, which really helped us feel comfortable. After all, it was all new to us: using the camera, interviewing people, editing the video...

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