Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas' just around the corner

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Hello everyone!
Not gonna lie, I'm getting pretty looking forward to Christmas..
I know I used to get so much more excited when I was younger, but after talking about it with a friend last night and looking at some blogs, I decided that I cannot wait. I mean-anything that gives me an excuse to eat, drink and dress up is welcome!
Since I'm away and I can't really try on the outfit I'm going to wear and take photos I made a little collage-mainly to brainstorm how I'm gonna try to look the night of the 24th.
That's right..we start celebrating on the night of the 24th: we have dinner and then when it's 12 we make a toast, watch the fireworks while sipping champagne (hmm can't wait- that's one thing that I really miss now that I'm a student: enjoying a good glass of bubbly champagne) and then open the presents!
I really don't know what I'm going to get this year, I'm really hoping for some new foundation and some new items for my wardrobe...but to be honest, this year I'm really not fussed.
The look I'm going for on Christmas eve is black and (of course) red.
Going to wear a draped strapless cocktail dress (H&M), swede peep toe heels (Barratts), a black tuxedo jacket (H&M) and I'm hoping my mum will let me borrow this gorgeous red ring she has. And of course, some pink underwear (it's tradition in Argentina, but I don't really know why). In terms of make-up, I'll go for the classic smokey eye in dark shades (oh, I can never get bored of silver and black eye shadows) and red lips. Finally, in terms of hair I'm thinking of wearing my hair extensions and curl my hair and braid it to the side. Pretty laid back but still fancy.

Do you all know what you're going to wear for Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all of you, may all your wishes come true :)


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